Maryland Workforce Expressway

Explore Maryland’s higher education programs and learn about apprenticeships, internships, and externships that can help employees maximize their potential.

Continuing and Higher Education

Explore Maryland’s higher and continuing education programs designed to help employees maximize their potential.

On-the-job Training

Learn more about apprenticeships, internships, and externships that can connect your business with the up-and-coming workforce.

  • Maryland Workforce Exchange: This site provides job seekers, students, employers, and workforce professionals with fast access to a comprehensive set of useful employment tools and services.
  • American Job Centers: Title I of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act authorizes programs and activities that support job training and related services to unemployed and underemployed individuals, including on-the-job training.
  • Internship Network of Maryland: This digital marketplace connects companies with current students and recent graduates that are seeking internships to become prepared for the workforce and to develop their professional network.
  • Maryland Technology Internship Program (MTIP): Administered by UMBC and funded by the state of Maryland, this program offers financial assistance to technology-based businesses, as well as state and local agencies, to hire more interns.
  • Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program: A Registered Apprenticeship allows workers to earn a progressive wage while receiving on-the-job training from a skilled mentor, plus related instruction, which benefit both the employer and the employee.
  • Transportation and Civil Engineering (TRAC) Program: A hands-on education program designed for use in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) classes provided free of charge to middle and high schools.