Use these resources to find state, local and federal contracting opportunities as well as a guide for Maryland contracting.

Identify Federal Government Contracting Opportunities

The U.S. General Services Administration runs the site, which provides a searchable database of thousands of government contracting opportunities.

The Maryland Department of Commerce maintains a Federal Facilities Directory listing of federal agencies with a major presence in Maryland. This resource will help you identify facility locations, access procurement history and forecasts, and view contact information for these agencies.

Identify State Government Contracting Opportunities

The eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA) website serves as a central source for searching open procurement opportunities as well as active contracts with the State of Maryland. Opportunities in this site are over $15,000 and come from the more than 200 government organizations that use the system.

Opportunities under $15,000 in value are typically directly solicited by agency buyers or posted to bid boards run by the agency. Here are links to additional contract opportunities and other resources to learn more about procurement practices in specific State agencies.

Find Maryland Programs for Contractors

  • The Small Business Reserve Program (SBR): This program promotes small businesses in Maryland by providing unique opportunities to compete for prime contractor spots against other small businesses instead of going up against larger, more established companies.
  • The Small Business Preference Program: This program encourages certified small business by providing price preferences for certified small businesses that are not available to non-certified small businesses.
  • The Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program: This program encourages participation in state contracting and procurement opportunities for socially- and economically-disadvantaged small business owners.
  • Veteran-Owned Small Businesses programs: Each State agency in Maryland must structure procurement procedures with the goal of achieving an overall minimum of 1% of the agency’s total dollar value of procurement contracts to be indirectly or directly made up of veteran-owned small businesses.

Identify Local County Government Contracting Opportunities

Procurement happens at the county level too! Explore these county websites for more information on their specific procurement processes and opportunities.

Review Other Resources to Help Win Contracts