A variety of opportunities exist to help Maryland companies looking to expand their companies overseas.


ExportMD helps offset some of the costs of marketing internationally for Maryland's small and mid-sized companies. The program offers companies up to $5,000 in reimbursement for expenses associated with an international marketing project.

Maryland Global Gateway Exchange Program

The Maryland Global Gateway Exchange Program provides Maryland companies with the opportunity to test out new markets abroad at an affordable rate. International program partners provide participating Maryland companies with access to facilities, resources, networking, advisors, and more.

Trade Shows & Missions

Want to explore new opportunities in foreign markets through trade shows and missions? Maryland Commerce's Office of International Investment and Trade regularly takes delegations of Maryland companies to international trade shows, which help open doors to meet new customers and partners from around the globe. See upcoming trade show opportunities.

Additional Resources & Contacts

Want to know more about growing your business internationally? Check out the Maryland Department of Commerce Global Expansion page for more resources and contacts.