Maryland has programs to assist Veteran-owned businesses and businesses that hire Veterans.

Check Out Programs for Veterans

There are many Maryland-based programs available to assist Veteran-owned businesses and businesses that hire Veterans. The programs include:

  • Hire our Veterans Tax Credit: This program provides a state income tax credit to small businesses that hire qualified veterans. The credit is based on wages paid to those veteran employees.
  • Military Personnel and Veteran-Owned Small Business Loan Program: Small businesses that employ or are owned by military reservists, veterans, and National Guard personnel are provided with no-interest loans.
  • Maryland State Procurement and Veteran-Owned Small Business: Each state agency in Maryland must structure procurement procedures with the goal of achieving an overall minimum of 1% of the agency’s total dollar value of procurement contracts to be indirectly or directly made up of veteran-owned small businesses.
  • This partial listing of contracting opportunities is also frequently updated with opportunities for veteran-owned small businesses.
  • Project Opportunity: This is a free entrepreneurship training program designed solely for veterans who want to start their own businesses. Graduates are in various stages of their business ventures, ranging from finalizing their business plan to actual launching and earning income.

You may also want to contact these federal organizations for additional resources for veteran-owned businesses.